VVC Sketchnote, Susan Voisin

Here’s the second session’s sketchnote from my learningĀ at Vida Vegan Con. This session was presented by Susan Voisin, the amazing person behind Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. If you’ve never visited her site, you’re in for a treat. It’s got great photos and recipes galore.

The session was titled Post-Processing for Food Photography, and she was sharing some of her top tips and tricks for prepping images for your blog or the web. I learned a lot and tried my best to sketch out some of the tools that were available in Adobe Lightroom. I also was able to add in some of the big things that she said to keep in mind.

With all that in mind, this sketchnote may not make a lot of sense without having Lightroom in front of you. Susan also mentioned that you can use iPiccy and Pixlr.

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