VVC Sketchnote, Whitney Lauritsen 1

Confession time. Third time was the charm. Everything came together for this sketchnote from Vida Vegan Con. What I mean is that I was out of practice on sketchnoting, so the first two were good, but I wasn’t hitting my Flow. My skills were a little low and the challenge was a little too high. That’s not to say I didn’t get a lot out of the sessions by Gene Baur and Susan Voisin… those were amazing sessions and I learned so much… it’s just that I don’t think I did my best to draw them.

This third Vida Vegan Con session was Make Your Blog Your Full-Time Career by Whitney Lauritsen of Eco-Vegan Gal (ecovegangal.com), WhitneyLauritsen.com, and ReelInfluencer.com. The information was eye-opening, self-reflective, and inspiring. So although there was a TON of information, and it was challenging to really get all the notable things onto paper, I hit my Flow and really got a lot out of it, and I feel like I was able to represent it visually. By the way, for more information on Flow Theory, you can see this great TED Talk by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Whitney really provided a lot of great information because she has made the journey from blogging about her passion to being a YouTube celebrity to monetizing her passion to helping others discover their potential… all this from someone who sold lemonade and flowers as a child.

Here’s the thing. If you’re a blogger, social media personality, or even want to be… if you’re not doing something you love… if you want to get some benefits (monetary or otherwise) from following your passion… then know that you’re not alone. You can hear some free advice through the Reel Influencer Podcasts, watch some Business videos through WhitneyLauritsen.com, or you can even join a group session for coaching and guidance for a small fee.

Hopefully you enjoy this video summary of my sketchnote of Whitney’s session. It’s a little longer (almost five minutes), but that’s because there was so much information. I learned a lot, and hope you do to. As always, for quick updates and images of my food, subscribe to my Instagram account, wokwildside. Please also consider subscribing to my new YouTube channel to see all previous videos in the Vida Vegan Con series and post comments or questions there.

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